Organizing Kids Rooms-Part 2: Kids Toys!

Organizing kids toys is not an easy task. Should we group them into categories? put them all in the same basket? leave them on display? Truth is there is no one right answer, whatever technique you adopt just make sure it’s working for you and your kids, and before anything that it is easy enough for them to maintain on their own, at the end of the day, you would want them to organize (put back ) their own toys into the right places!

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Organizing Kids Rooms – Part 1: Kids closets!

When we first agreed  (Malak and I) that February will be “Organizing Kids Rooms” month little did I know the amount of work I’m signing up for, as this is by far the most challenging project on our lists!

The amount of stuff we buy our kids is crazy, from clothes, to shoes, to toys, they are always growing and they always need new things. You have to have a strong organizing system to make the most of these things and keep your sanity at the same time, otherwise it will be utter chaos!

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Decluttering the junk shelf!

Every house has a junk drawer, shelf and sometimes closet, it’s necessary, and totally normal. It’s this place where we keep all the things we don’t know where or why to keep, but at the same time these are things we cannot just throw away. The Organizing Queens tip is, have your junk drawer but keep it decluttered and organized!

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Organizing nightstand drawers – shared post 2

Today’s post is about a very simple organizing project Malak and I decided to finish, beside it being simple it also does not take any time, 20 – 30 minutes is all you need to organize your nightstand drawer.

This drawer, which is usually small and not very deep, can amazingly be home to all kind of junk and clutter, it qualifies as junk drawer #1 for me, since it is accessible from bed so I just tend to stuff it with whatever I have in my bag on my way out, or I just put stuff promising myself I will sort out later (usually this later is very very late!), it is also my standard answer whenever my daughter asks me where to put this or that,” in the drawer next to bed sweetheart!”

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Organizing cords and chargers

Last year, every time I said goodbye to my husband when he was going away on a business trip, I used to get the same dreading feeling deep down inside, “I will be struggling the next few days till he is back”… and do you know why? because I wont be able to charge my gadgets..or at least one of them! Don’t get me wrong, I miss him and all, but what used to happen was very frustrating! Continue reading