Monthly calendar, Spending LOG, and Habit tracker!

I always loved calendars and planners, not only they help me get organized, but it’s aways useful to see a weekly / monthly spread to know when you are too busy and when not, when I can have some me-time and when it’s almost impossible. It also proved very useful (in many occasions) in being prepared for any costume party or school project.

Another organizing tool is the daily spending LOG, it helps tracking daily spending (obviously!), and on the long-term is a very useful tool for analyzing overspending patterns.


Last week, we offered 2 free printable one for weekly planner and another for a master grocery list, you can find here

This week, you can download a monthly calendar, a daily spending LOG (personal favorite), as well as a bonus monthly habit tracker.

Lately, I started venturing in the world of Bullet Journal #Bujo , and it’s mesmerizing! While I draw my own habit tracker, I thought it would be useful creating a printable soft copies for those of you who are not very keen on creating their own. Habit tracker is one of the few organizing tools, if used consistently, that would really help you taking care of yourself, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually.


So feel free to download, print and use any of our free printables, we love helping you getting organized!

Good night!


A peek inside my bag – Beach bag (part 3)

This is the last post in our mini-series “A peek inside my bag”, and what can be more exciting than peeking inside a beach bag?! you can read the first and second part here and here

I know for many of you summer time is almost over, but the weather is finally getting better here and we can start going to the beach! Those of you living in Dubai will relate :))

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