Monthly calendar, Spending LOG, and Habit tracker!

I always loved calendars and planners, not only they help me get organized, but it’s aways useful to see a weekly / monthly spread to know when you are too busy and when not, when I can have some me-time and when it’s almost impossible. It also proved very useful (in many occasions) in being prepared for any costume party or school project.

Another organizing tool is the daily spending LOG, it helps tracking daily spending (obviously!), and on the long-term is a very useful tool for analyzing overspending patterns.


Last week, we offered 2 free printable one for weekly planner and another for a master grocery list, you can find here

This week, you can download a monthly calendar, a daily spending LOG (personal favorite), as well as a bonus monthly habit tracker.

Lately, I started venturing in the world of Bullet Journal #Bujo , and it’s mesmerizing! While I draw my own habit tracker, I thought it would be useful creating a printable soft copies for those of you who are not very keen on creating their own. Habit tracker is one of the few organizing tools, if used consistently, that would really help you taking care of yourself, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually.


So feel free to download, print and use any of our free printables, we love helping you getting organized!

Good night!


Organizing Kids Rooms-Part 2: Kids Toys!

Organizing kids toys is not an easy task. Should we group them into categories? put them all in the same basket? leave them on display? Truth is there is no one right answer, whatever technique you adopt just make sure it’s working for you and your kids, and before anything that it is easy enough for them to maintain on their own, at the end of the day, you would want them to organize (put back ) their own toys into the right places!

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Organizing Kids Rooms – Part 1: Kids closets!

When we first agreed  (Malak and I) that February will be “Organizing Kids Rooms” month little did I know the amount of work I’m signing up for, as this is by far the most challenging project on our lists!

The amount of stuff we buy our kids is crazy, from clothes, to shoes, to toys, they are always growing and they always need new things. You have to have a strong organizing system to make the most of these things and keep your sanity at the same time, otherwise it will be utter chaos!

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