Getting organized for the week ahead! (+Printable!)

It’s been a while since we posted a proper post on the blog, and we’ve missed it! Between social media updates and the few organizing sessions with our clients, our blog has been put on hold, but we are back now!
Every Saturday night, I sit down for few minutes fill in the next week planner (you can download here), make sure I’m not missing any ECA, any birthday, playdate, or other important dates! This has been working for quite some time now, but what I couldn’t master no matter how many times I tried was the meal planning part.


You see in our house, ever since I quit my day job, I was taking it one day at a time when it comes to cooking, and it is against my 5-year-write-it-all-down nature, so I decided to put an end to this! Adding to this, the fact that I got this lovely black board weekly planner from my amazing friend Sara, and I really wanted to use it!


I started by creating what I like to call “Meals Master List”, basically, I wrote down every singe dish I could cook, from soups, to carbs, to proteins, to Egyptian classic meals. Then I printed this list to keep as reference.


Then I created another Master List, but this time it was for grocery shopping! If you really want this meal planning to work you need a solid system. So you need to work out a weekly grocery shopping list to help you stick to your meal plan, and since I wanted to save on grocery shopping trips, I figured this list would help me realize what we were short on one time and get it all in one big shop!
Now, I was ready! and it literally took me 20 mins! Brilliant! I sat down yesterday, looked at my Meals Master List for inspiration, came up with 5 dinners (Sunday – Thursday), then took out my highlighter and Grocery Master List (you can download here), and made a quick tour around our kitchen and cleaning cupboards to highlight what we needed to buy this week, and I was all ready! Sunday, bring it on!!


The most amazing part, I got to use my new black board planner, kids and Hubby love it too!


Hope this helps everyone, have a lovely planned week ahead!


Surviving Small Kitchens:Go up! Vertical storage ideas

We are still with the Surviving Small Kitchens series, and surprisingly I really like it, it gave me the time to focus on my kitchen, and finish a long list of projects!

I like to keep countertops clutter free, it gives a more spacious feeling to the kitchen, and allows me to cook with less stress! It’s not easy to keep countertops as empty as possible, and it took me a while to find a suitable solution that would work on the long run, but believe me it made a big difference in my kitchen. I simply found the best way is to go up! in other words, by using the vertical space in my kitchen I managed to keep my countertops as clutter free as possible.

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Surviving small Kitchens: Live your life, full of spice!

I’m so excited about today’s post, simply because it’s a kitchen organization project I always wanted to finish, and I did! Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I like spices, I always cook with different mixes, and use lots of different spices and herbs in my marinades. Till this morning, this is what I used to store my spices. A normal store bought spice organizer.

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Surviving small kitchens : No pantry? No problem!

Our “Surviving small kitchens” post today is about an essential part of the kitchen, you may or may not call it by its name, but chance is if you are using it to store food, crockery, or spices then it is called : pantry.

So whether you are lucky enough to have a whole room, or a couple of shelves it is still  a pantry (as per the dictionary definition at least!)

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Surviving small kitchens : Utensils drawers

Who wouldn’t like a bigger kitchen, with ample storage space, where every tool and appliance would have a specific place? Unfortunately this is not my case! As much as I love our place, as much as I was disappointed when I first realized how small my kitchen will be!

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