Organizing Kids Rooms – Part 1: Kids closets!

When we first agreed  (Malak and I) that February will be “Organizing Kids Rooms” month little did I know the amount of work I’m signing up for, as this is by far the most challenging project on our lists!

The amount of stuff we buy our kids is crazy, from clothes, to shoes, to toys, they are always growing and they always need new things. You have to have a strong organizing system to make the most of these things and keep your sanity at the same time, otherwise it will be utter chaos!

The first part of our mini-series will be all about organizing kids clothes in closets, wardrobes, or dressers. A task not easy, but once achieved it will make your life a lot less stressful!

1- Yasmine: It’s a Pink, pink, pink world!

***Alert: the photos below have a lot of pink, and I mean A LOT! I have 2 daughters, and they love their pink stuff, so prepare yourself!***

My 2 daughters share the same closet, and dresser. At first things were, well, ok…then suddenly it wasn’t! Toys started to take clothes place on upper shelves, accessories were everywhere, shoes were being tossed under beds, and it was time for change! Here is how their closet and drawers looked like till last week.

Before collage

There is not really a way around it, you have to go the old school way, which starts by emtpying all the storage spaces you have, and I mean *every*single*space*!

during collage

Now comes the most difficult part! Going through every single item, down to every sock, and hair band, then deciding which ones to stay and which ones to leave! This part is time consuming, and you could get emotional saying goodbye to your kids stuff, so try to be as honest as possible: if they outgrew it, it’s out! If they didn’t wear it/ use it for more than a year, it’s out!

during 2 collage

This process took me almost 2 hours, and after I was done I had 2 big bags of clothes to donate, all in perfect condition, and it makes me happy!

Then I started to rethink the use of the sapce I have, I used things I had from before: boxes, hanging storage shelves I had in my closets, plastic shelves I used inside kitchen cabinets, etc…

And this is how the closet, and dresser look like now:

After closet all

  • The first part of the closet:

Closet collage

First shelf for bed linens, second for towels, third and fourth for our home clothes, each daughter has one shelf.

Then come the drawers, first one for hair bands and brushes, second for my eldest PE and extra uniform (we usually hang the ones we use), and the third one for my eldest socks and tights (she is the one who organized it, so I think it’s perfect!)

I created a small tic-tac storage, using hooks and ribbons on the inside of the closet door, the girls had so much fun helping me out!

hair accessories

  • The second part of the closet:

After closet 2

1- Box for all sports equipments, and costumes.

2- Box for all keepsakes: first outfits, first birthday outfits, first blankets, etc…

3- Hanging rod for all tshirts, tops, dresses, uniform dresses, hoodies, etc.. each daughter has a side and 2 colors of hangers. In the middle are hanging shelves for skirts and tutus.

4- Folded on the shelf are their jeans, leggings, and trousers.

5- Box for all their bags (they have a lot I know, but they are using them so I couldn’t argue with that!)

The lower shelf has all their shoes and trainers, I used cabinets shelves as shoe organizers.

After shoes


  • The dresser:

Collage dresser

Each daughter gets a drawer, for underwears, pjs, vests, and swimming suits. My youngest drawer has also her socks and tights.

I made sure my girls were with me when I was organizing, folding, and arranging, I kept repeating what goes where, well, i’m sure my 2 years old is still too young to understand, but at least my 7 years old gets it by now, and honestly, she helped me out tremendously! It always makes a difference when you get your kids involved and make them feel responible!

Now for the final before and after:

Before After 2 Collage

Before after 1 Collage


2- Malak: practical, clean boys closet:

Malak’s boys also share closet, they are older, and always in a rush! So she had to come up with a system to help them find their clothes without having to look for them! everything has a home, and everything is on display!

  • First part of the boys closet:


1- All polo shirts, shirts, and uniform shirts go on hangers. Each boy knows his hangers colors, so they don’t get confused.

2- The orange box for all their caps and hats


3- Hanging shelves are for hoodies, sports gear, uniform pants, swimming towels and bags, school belts.

  • Second part of the boys closet:


First shelf is for pjs, each son has a side, behind pjs are swimming trunks. Second and third shelves are each for one of Malak’s son, and these are home for their tshirts, jeans, and pants.

Malak used under shelf baskets for boys underwears and vests.

She also used few hooks on the inside door of their closet for their accessories.

  • The drawers:

Malak collage

First drawer is for gloves, belts, and sweat bands, and the second drawer is for all their socks.

So how about you? Do you struggle with keeping your kids closets and drawers organized and in order? How often do you go through their clothes? Send us photos we would love to see how you keep organized, or let us know if you need help and we will happily answer your questions and help you get organized!

Have a great day everyone!

Malak & Yasmine

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