Decluttering the junk shelf!

Every house has a junk drawer, shelf and sometimes closet, it’s necessary, and totally normal. It’s this place where we keep all the things we don’t know where or why to keep, but at the same time these are things we cannot just throw away. The Organizing Queens tip is, have your junk drawer but keep it decluttered and organized!

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Did you start decluttering?

Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time of the year again, when everyone decides to change, be healthier, go more often to the gym, spend more time with the family, or if you are like us add to our long list of organizational projects. The one thing most people try to do at the beginning of every year is start decluttering, or at least decide to go through all the clutter in their house, and this is why we decided to help.

We cretaed this ultimate Royal Guide to help you declutter any sapce in your house, just follow these simple rules and your task will be a lot easier.

Happy decluttering!

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Malak & Yasmine