Surviving Small Kitchens:Go up! Vertical storage ideas

We are still with the Surviving Small Kitchens series, and surprisingly I really like it, it gave me the time to focus on my kitchen, and finish a long list of projects!

I like to keep countertops clutter free, it gives a more spacious feeling to the kitchen, and allows me to cook with less stress! It’s not easy to keep countertops as empty as possible, and it took me a while to find a suitable solution that would work on the long run, but believe me it made a big difference in my kitchen. I simply found the best way is to go up! in other words, by using the vertical space in my kitchen I managed to keep my countertops as clutter free as possible.

Today, I will be showing you a few ideas of how I used vertical storage ideas around my kitchen (few of these ideas are from previous posts):

1- A hook to hang a small brush and dustpan set. (Hooks from Daiso)

brush dustpan


2- A hook to hang your key, so you don’t forget it! (Hooks from Daiso)



3- Hang a rail with hooks for utensils, and utensils holder after washing dishes. (Grundtal rail + hooks from Ikea Dubai)

bar hooks


4- Magnetic clips for important notes, or photos on your fridge. (Tefal clips from Union Co-op)

magnetic clips


5- Small basket with magnet to hold all those take away / delivery menus. (Basket from Daiso)

menus holder


6- Magnetic white board + small pen holder with magnet to hold white board markers and pens, to write down grocery lists, meal plans, weekly planned appointments. (Board + pen holder from Daiso)

pen holder


7- Paper towels holder fixed to a shelf .(Paper towel holder from Ikea Dubai, had it for long time now)

paper towel holder


8- Bookcases as pantry .(Check full post here)

pantry after 2


9- Shelves for storing kitchen appliances. (Check full post here)

pantry after 4


10- Floating shelves for spice organization .(Check full post here)



11- Small wire screen / mesh with hooks to hold mitts, small baskets or if you want pot plants.(Mesh + basket from Daiso)



13- Magazine files for foil, baking paper, cling wrap. (Magazine files from Daiso)

magazine files


14- Shelf inserts are perfect for storing plates, cups, maximizing cabinet space. I also think they protect plates, otherwise I would be stacking them to the top.(Shelf inserts from Ikea Dubai)

shelf inserts



Well, that’s not the end of it, I still have few more projects and ideas for maximizing usage of space in my kitchen, but these will have to wait few more months. Stay tuned for our giveaway next week, maybe you will be the lucky winner of an exciting gift!

Take care,



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