Surviving small Kitchens: Live your life, full of spice!

I’m so excited about today’s post, simply because it’s a kitchen organization project I always wanted to finish, and I did! Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I like spices, I always cook with different mixes, and use lots of different spices and herbs in my marinades. Till this morning, this is what I used to store my spices. A normal store bought spice organizer.

spice rack

But since I have more spices than the number of jars, I started storing spices in different places, and it was getting out of hand, jars in the rack, others in the plastic bin in a cabinet, and others on the pantry shelf, my spice organization system was not working for me!

all spices

So I decided it was time for some kind-of-customized spice shelves. After searching everywhere for a suitable shelf, that would carry a decent number of jars and at the same time fit on the wall above my tiny working top, I settled for 2 of the Mosslanda  picture ledge from Ikea. And it was a perfect choice!


For the jars, I wanted jars with both normal opening and sifter, I liked the Ikea 365+ Ihardig, but still felt I could find bigger ones, and I did. I ended up buying 4 of 6 jars sets from Home Box, it was quite a deal at 19 AED the set.

jars final

So now that I had the shelves installed, jars washed and dried, I needed some labels, but all the labels I found online were only in English, and I wanted labels in both Arabic and English, so I decided why not design my own. I printed my lables on clear sticker sheets, and stuck them to the now full jars.



If you want, you can download, print, and use my labels here.

And here is how my spice collection look like now, (from different views).

after view



I love how this turned out, the difference is huge, and it didn’t take time to finish. Finally, here is a before and after for you to see for yourselves!


I hope you liked our “Surviving small kitchens” post for this week, we would love to hear from you, how do you store your spices? Do you use labels? Send us a photo we will happily post it.

Take care,


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