Surviving small kitchens : Utensils drawers

Who wouldn’t like a bigger kitchen, with ample storage space, where every tool and appliance would have a specific place? Unfortunately this is not my case! As much as I love our place, as much as I was disappointed when I first realized how small my kitchen will be!

Let me give you an idea, my kitchen is narrow and long, with one side of cabinets, 2 tiny working tops on both sides of the stove, and a blank wall facing the cabinets. Leaving me with very limited storage space, and an ongoing organization and re-organization problem. I think I have reorganized this kitchen at least 3-4 times since we moved in February, and I’m still not happy with the final results. This was the main reason behind dedicating November posts to all small kitchens problems and struggles, in a series of posts we call : Surviving small kitchens!

Every week, I will finish a kitchen organization project, and share it with you here, I will go through every step, what materials I used, and at the end of the month we will be offering an exciting giveaway to one lucky fan, so stay tuned!

The first post of this series will be about kitchen drawers. I have 3 drawers, I use to store cutlery, cooking utensils, and the last one (a deep drawer) for kids plastic plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery.




I didn’t like the cutlery tray in the first drawer, and I hated how my second drawer was overflowing with cooking utensils. Girls drawer was ok, but still needed some containers to make sure it doesn’t turn into a mess everyday, especially since they tend to open it every 30 seconds to get a new cup out to drink water!

So I started by emptying all 3 drawers, washed and wiped them. Then I cut some self adhesive paper (the one I use to cover my daughters notebooks), lining every drawer with it. This makes life a lot easier when cleaning, and can be replaced every once in a while with new one if needed.


lining final

For this project I didn’t have to buy much, I already had few bins and containers I was using in other rooms, so I decided to repurpose them for the kitchen drawers, I just got drawers dividers from Daiso (just make sure you measure your drawers depth before you buy any dividers, as they come in many heights options).


Now before I put everything back in the clean, lined drawers 🙂 I went through every single item they contained, I decided to donate some, and get rid of others.


I also decided to use this holder for frequently used utensils and keep it on the working top, I usually used this holder for drying cutlery after washing them, but since I upgraded to another dish drying rack, I don’t use it as much now.

utensil holder

And here are my drawers now,




I used plastic bins for the first drawer, now I can store all cutlery sets in the same place, before I had to divide them between kitchen drawer and dining room buffet. In the second drawer I used the drawer divider, and an Ikea basket for all other smaller utensils. The third drawer, I used deeper containers so I can maximize the use of space, and prevent the daily mess.

Here is the final before and after, for all 3 drawers.

Final collage

One last thing to add, I thought a lot before reorganizing my drawers, should I rethink what I store in them? I contemplated storing my spice jars in one of them, but didn’t feel this will suit my everyday use of this part of the kitchen, that said, to each her own unique way of organizing and assigning her kitchen cabinets and drawers. So again, find a system that suits you, and that you can maintain, and see if it works for you, if not, keep changing it till you get the most out the available space.

So how about you? Do you have a big kitchen? or is it small one like mine? Do you have kitchen drawers? What do you keep there? I would love to see your photos, and help you reorganize if you want, just let us know!

Take care,


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