Organizing medicine – Shared post 4

Medicine can be a bit tricky when organizing or storing, because of expiry dates, temperature, and how accessible it is to little fingers of children.

So before we start, here are few tips for storing / disposing medicines in Dubai as per DHA  #smart_clinic via its Twitter page (DHA_Dubai) to raise awareness about the Authority’s, ‘Clean Your Medicine Cabinet,’ campaign in April 2015:

1- Medicines should be stored in a cool and dry place; they should be in one container that is out of the reach and sight of children and pets.

2- Medicines should be stored below 25 degrees and medicines which need to be stored in the fridge should be stored between 2 to 8 degrees.

3- Bathrooms and kitchens are not ideal places to store medicines due to expose to sunlight, heat and humidity and that the ideal place to store medicine is in a dark place and cool place.

4- Eye drops should be disposed of one month after the date of opening because of the risk of bacterial or fungal growth.

5- Expired medication can pose serious health risks to individuals if not disposed of properly. Flushing down your medication is harmful for the environment and pollutes the water and disposing of the medicines in the garbage (even if it is tightly sealed) pollutes the soil. Therefore, the best way to dispose outdated medications is to return the medicines to the pharmacy for safe disposal.

6- DHA pharmacies located across 16 DHA primary healthcare centres and DHA hospitals( Dubai, Rashid, Latifa and Hatta) accept expired or unused medications that are dropped-off by the public at no cost. Expired medications are disposed of in line with international pharmaceutical safety guidelines. Unused medications are first reevaluated by experts within the pharmacy department and then the DHA donates valid medications that are in a good condition to charities.

That’s why today’s shared post is pretty straight forward, showing you how we organize and store medicine in our household. I also helped a friend of mine while going through her medicine, so we will be showing you photos of this project as well.

1- Malak : Clear boxes from Ikea:

For Malak it wasn’t really a project, since her medicine cabinet is already in order. She uses 2 clear boxes from Ikea in 2 different sizes. She also uses a small box for cotton pads and cotton wool.


Using her label machine, she labeled every box with the type of medicine stored inside, making it easier to find what she is looking for.


All 3 boxes are kept on a higher shelf in her bedroom closet, away from kids reach.


2- Yasmine : Clear boxes from Geant:

I always kept medicine in clear boxes so I can see the contents of the box at all time, these boxes were kept in a cabinet in the kitchen.

Then I started reading about where to store / keep medicine, and decided that my kitchen was too hot and too small of a place to keep the medicines. So now, they go on a shelf in our linen closet.


Honestly, it’s been almost 6 months since I last went through all medicines, so I took this as an opportunity to check all expiry dates.  I emptied both boxes, and started checking every medicine.


The medicines with valid date went into new – also clear – boxes, that were labeled for ease of access into :

1- Syrups, sprays, and drops

2- Tablets (and capsules), creams, and ointments. This box also holds the Optichamber for my daughters inhaler.

3- First aid kit (got it from Geant), band-aid and bandages.


Below are the photos I took from when i helped my friend organizing her medicines. Basically she kept medications in many boxes scattered around her flat, so we made sure we got all boxes first. Then we emptied them all, checked for expired meds, and put the valid ones into labeled boxes. Her boxes however were more elaborately labeled, boxes are now stored on 2 high shelves in the kitchen.

Sara1 Sara2


So how about you, where do you keep your medicines? Wherever you do just make sure they are away from reach of your children, and stored away from heat and humidity. Stay safe everyone!

**All storage / disposal tips in this post are according to are DHA  #smart_clinic via its Twitter page (DHA_Dubai) to raise awareness about the Authority’s, ‘Clean Your Medicine Cabinet,’ campaign in April 2015

Malak and Yasmine

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