Bathroom Storage Solutions – Shared post 3

If you are living in Dubai, then chances are you have changed houses at least 2- 3 times! One of the downsides of moving many times is the change in the storage space that comes with each house, this is why we decided to dedicate this shared post to mobile bathroom storage solutions.

1- Malak: Sometimes a trolley is all you need:

Malak’s bathroom is not really big, and she had no built-in cabinet or shelves to store toiletries and other bathroom essentials. Initially, she started using the side of the bathtub as a shelf to keep shampoos and the likes, but soon realized that this is not the perfect place, since they are exposed to water most of the time, and you cannot just keep drying them every time someone takes a shower!


So instead, she bought this very handy trolley from Home Center, and its size was perfect to fit between the sink and the bathtub.


This is how it looks now, after filling it with everything:


She also got the flower pots in the upper tray for extra razors and small miscellaneous toiletries. Shampoos, conditioners, and all shower essentials go in the middle 2 trays. The lower tray holds a white closed box, it contains the shaver, razors and all other things she does not want to get wet.


I asked Malak, if she thinks this is the perfect storage solution, and she said: ” For this bathroom? This is perfect, simply because, the space between the sink and the bathtub is very small, I was lucky I found a trolley that fits! besides I couldn’t find a cabinet that I liked and fit under the sink. So for now, the trolley is the bathroom storage solution I need, plus it’s mobile, I can repurpose it later on in another room if I don’t need to use it in the bathroom anymore!

2- Yasmine : Spa inspired!

This is our 4th apartment in Dubai, I went from zero bathroom storage, to double cabinets under the sink in each of the 3 bathrooms, and now back to zero bathroom storage, frustrating, I know!

Yasmine1This is the master bathroom (I will share my girls bathroom storage in another post soon), and it’s not big enough, so I was left with only under the sink space to come up with some sort of storage.

After many Pinterest boards, and pins, I decided to go for Ikea MOLGER bench, since I always liked the spa style with rolled towels and all. I assembled the bench on my own ( a first time here, please!),

Yasmine3As you can see, the upper shelf holds a small basket with extra toilet paper rolls, the blue tray is for the GODMORGON set of clear storage boxes (also from Ikea). I got the tray from the supermarket, it is just for the ease of sliding the boxes on the bench slats. I use these boxes for Q-tips, scissors and tweezers, cotton pads, vaseline and other moisturizers, and one large box for my husband’s electric shaver and its accessories. The lower shelf is for bath towels, I always keep 2 or 3 towels maximum, as I am not a big fan of storing towels in the bathroom due to humidity. We each have one box for our separate toiletries, a system that proved to be very efficient for many years now. Beneath the bench, I keep a white box that contains the blow dryer, hair straightener and brushes.

Here is a closer look at the set of clear boxes,


Another tip, is to use a clear tray, or a simple small plate to hold your daily used cosmetics, I have a very simple skin care routine, but I am very lazy when it comes to cosmetics, make up or skin care (I really need to work on this), anyway, so having all I need on display kind of forces me into using them.

Yasmine5For the bathtub, and shower essentials, I use this rack I got from Tchibo, it is more than enough for our shampoo and sponges.


Finally, as you can see, we both managed to create bathroom storage solutions that met our needs but are totally different, which is the whole point of this series of posts, take your time, know what you can work with and what works for you and your needs, you will end up with the perfect solution for your house.

Bath collage

Tell us about your bathroom? Do you have ample storage space? or are you quietly suffering like we used to do 🙂 We would be happy to think about some solutions that might work for you, just let us know!

Malak and Yasmine

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Storage Solutions – Shared post 3

  1. These storage solutions are awesome! I am looking for something like that, to organize my bathroom belongings. I will check which one of the idea is the most suitable for my bathroom and will implement it! Thanks for sharing:)

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