Organizing nightstand drawers – shared post 2

Today’s post is about a very simple organizing project Malak and I decided to finish, beside it being simple it also does not take any time, 20 – 30 minutes is all you need to organize your nightstand drawer.

This drawer, which is usually small and not very deep, can amazingly be home to all kind of junk and clutter, it qualifies as junk drawer #1 for me, since it is accessible from bed so I just tend to stuff it with whatever I have in my bag on my way out, or I just put stuff promising myself I will sort out later (usually this later is very very late!), it is also my standard answer whenever my daughter asks me where to put this or that,” in the drawer next to bed sweetheart!”

So no more, this week we will show you, in our second shared post, how we both organized our nightstand drawers.

1- Malak : Simple and practical every time!

For Malak, this drawer plays a transitional role, in other words, this is where she moves all the receipts and bills from her purse before going through them every week, and this is where she also keeps any book she is reading at the time, other than that she just keeps any small souvenirs that are not on display.

This is how her drawer looked like last Thursday


As you can see, her drawer turned into a big mess, so as every expert organizer would do, she emptied it all, went through every single scrap of paper, and re-arranged it the way it should serve its role.


She used this big, blue accordion file to keep every single receipt, bill, and note till she sorts them out, and decides which ones to keep and which ones to throw away.


When I asked Malak what she had in mind when she started this short project, she said it didn’t matter how pretty the drawer looks when finished, what really matters is that I am able to see everything in the drawer, and for it to serve its primary role, keeping all receipts and paper clutter under control.

2- Yasmine : As colourful as a drawer can be!

My nightstand has 3 drawers, I use the bottom one for clothes, but the upper 2 drawers were acting as catch-all drawers since we moved into this house (8 months now!), and it was about time to go through their contents and decide what to keep there and what to move to other places.

This is how my 2 drawers looked like (no judging please!)

Drawer #1:


Drawer #2:Yasmine2

It took me around 15 minutes per drawer, I dumped each drawer content (one at a time) on the bed, and went through everything, moved all cosmetics, perfumes and skin care products to other places except for night cream.

This is how they look now:

Drawer #1:


I’m always reading, sometimes more than 1 book, so I keep my books on the nightstand next to me, not in the drawer, but I keep my Kindle in the drawer. ( I don’t use it that much lately!)

I used a set of clear stackable trays to keep other stuff I find myself looking for at bedtime or first thing in the morning (pens, earphones, Quran, etc..)

I kept my vitamins and night cream in the first drawer so I can force myself to remember them!

Drawer #2:


In this drawer, I used gift boxes I had from Tchibo ( I bought them for a different project, but thought they can be of use in this one), they come in 6 different sizes, one for greeting cards I usually exchange with my husband on our special occasions, one for printed photos, a third for keepsakes for my daughters from when they were born, and the last one contains some luggage tags and locks.

Here is a closer photo of the clear stackable trays I used in my first drawer.


So if you want to start your day with a simple short task, go ahead and organize your nightstand drawers, it wont take time and will give you a feeling of accomplishment 🙂 Send us photos of your organized drawers and your contents, we would be more than happy to see them!

Have a lovely week,

Malak & Yasmine

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