Same same – but different, and Raskog trolley!

Malak and I are friends, we share the same passion about organization, but this doesn’t mean we adopt the same style. Actually we are totally different when it comes to organizing, I am always on the look for prettier, more decorated solutions , while Malak is more into clean, practical, easily maintained organizing systems. That is why this post, and the next few ones, will be what we call “shared posts”. We will write about how we used the same item, or tackled the same project, each in her own way, giving you 2 different perspectives, because honestly, at the end of the day, there is no universal way, or standard method when it comes to organization, it is all relative!

Ikea RaskogTrolley:

I remember when we first saw this trolley in Ikea catalogue, I think back in 2013, and decided we both wanted the turquoise one, we had so many ideas on how to use it. Then I started seeing it all over Pinterest, and organizing blogs. The sky was the limit when it comes to how versatile this trolley was: it can be used in the kitchen for fresh produce, in the bathroom to hold the towels and extra toilet paper rolls, in the bedroom as a bedside table, or as mobile library for the kids books!

So below, we are showing you how we are both using the same trolley, for different purposes.

Malak : Stationery and homework station:

Since her kids are older, Malak needed to create a homework station for them, which holds their stationery, and books if they bring any home. She also wanted something mobile, that she could hide once kids are done with their school work, and what’s better than Raskog trolley to fit all the criteria?


The upper tray holds all stationery, coloring pens, markers, tape dispenser, scissors, and kids pencil cases.


The middle, and lower trays are each assigned for one of her kids to keep their books and notebooks there when they have their books home.


Malak usually keeps the trolley under the staircase when her kids don’t need it, which is totally convenient, as it does not clutter living / dining area, and it keeps all related items in one place so kids don’t waste any time looking for that pen, or that sharpener.

Yasmine: coloring, Kids arts and crafts:

I use the trolley for keeping all my daughter coloring pens, crayons, and other arts and crafts in one place. before I got it, they were literally everywhere, in her room, in the living room, in the car. So you can imagine my happiness when I finally managed to contain this mess!


In the upper tray we use small buckets for each kind of colors, a set of small drawers for extra markers and glitters, our big sharpener, stickers, and tape dispensers.


A remote control caddy to keep all stationery for when she is doing her homework.


In the middle tray, we keep all crafts projects and toys.


In the lower tray, we keep coloring books, activity books, and extra coloring pen we take with us when going out or travelling (ready to grab in pencil cases).


So you see, we both used the same trolley to serve a different a role, and in both cases it helped us stay organized each in her own style 🙂


So how about you? Do you have a Raskog trolley from Ikea (we  know they are very popular)? How do you use it? Let us know, send us photos, we would love to hear from you!

Have a lovely week,

Yasmine & Malak

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