A peek inside my bag – Beach bag (part 3)

This is the last post in our mini-series “A peek inside my bag”, and what can be more exciting than peeking inside a beach bag?! you can read the first and second part here and here

I know for many of you summer time is almost over, but the weather is finally getting better here and we can start going to the beach! Those of you living in Dubai will relate :))

I always loved the beach, and it is one of the many reasons I love living in Dubai, as it’s just a 20 minutes drive from our house. while back home it was 2 hours away!

As a family we love going to the beach as it’s so much fun, we get to relax, while the kids get to swim, run, and spend time away from their screens! And since now weather allows us to be outside, we have a trip to the beach planned for this weekend. I like to be prepared, and ready for spending a long day on the sand, and I guess no one wants to get stuck at the beach without their iPod for example, and no one would want to go back wet and sandy to get whatever they forgot at home, and that is why I decided to create Beach Time Checklist that you can download and print here.


In that event I would like to share with you some tips that I found very useful and handy over the years, and after many visits to the beach

The first and most important tip is of course the beach bag. I choose one that is Saturday, washable, with a zipper and can carry all our stuff. Usually I carry all the below in my beach bag:

  • Towel for each person
  • Sunblock
  • Goggles
  • Extra towel
  • Swimming cap
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Wipes
  • Tissue
  • Clean change of clothes
  • Plastic bag for  wet cloths and for garbage
  • Shampoo
  • Band Aid
  • Water/sand proof bag for Phone and money

beach bag

It has a small pocket where I keep the goggles, swimming cap and sunscreen so it can be close at hand, so the kids can start playing as soon as we arrive. 

items close up

Another thing is a plastic bag with a zipper which comes in different  sizes from Daiso that Yasmine showed me, we both use it but differently. The bigger size bag is mainly for the clean change of clothes and can be used to put the wet clothes if you don’t have an extra plastic bag. I use the small one for the shampoo and any other toiletries.

plastic bag

I also bought something very handy from Decathlon , a portable shower in case you are on a beach that does not have showers. We fill it from home and it takes up to 10 liters of water !


The last tip I want to share is a brush that is normally used for cleaning but I bought it to rub away the extra sand before we get in the car, I found it very useful, especially for people like me who like to keep their cars clean from sand.


And here you go, this is how my car looks like loaded with all beach necessities! ( Storm, the cat decided to join in the photo)

final photo2

So what about you? what do you carry in your beach bags? Let us know we would love to hear from you!

Have a lovely weekend, I know mine will be at the beach 🙂


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