Organizing medicine – Shared post 4

Medicine can be a bit tricky when organizing or storing, because of expiry dates, temperature, and how accessible it is to little fingers of children.

So before we start, here are few tips for storing / disposing medicines in Dubai as per DHA  #smart_clinic via its Twitter page (DHA_Dubai) to raise awareness about the Authority’s, ‘Clean Your Medicine Cabinet,’ campaign in April 2015:

1- Medicines should be stored in a cool and dry place; they should be in one container that is out of the reach and sight of children and pets.

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Bathroom Storage Solutions – Shared post 3

If you are living in Dubai, then chances are you have changed houses at least 2- 3 times! One of the downsides of moving many times is the change in the storage space that comes with each house, this is why we decided to dedicate this shared post to mobile bathroom storage solutions.

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Organizing nightstand drawers – shared post 2

Today’s post is about a very simple organizing project Malak and I decided to finish, beside it being simple it also does not take any time, 20 – 30 minutes is all you need to organize your nightstand drawer.

This drawer, which is usually small and not very deep, can amazingly be home to all kind of junk and clutter, it qualifies as junk drawer #1 for me, since it is accessible from bed so I just tend to stuff it with whatever I have in my bag on my way out, or I just put stuff promising myself I will sort out later (usually this later is very very late!), it is also my standard answer whenever my daughter asks me where to put this or that,” in the drawer next to bed sweetheart!”

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Same same – but different, and Raskog trolley!

Malak and I are friends, we share the same passion about organization, but this doesn’t mean we adopt the same style. Actually we are totally different when it comes to organizing, I am always on the look for prettier, more decorated solutions , while Malak is more into clean, practical, easily maintained organizing systems. That is why this post, and the next few ones, will be what we call “shared posts”. We will write about how we used the same item, or tackled the same project, each in her own way, giving you 2 different perspectives, because honestly, at the end of the day, there is no universal way, or standard method when it comes to organization, it is all relative!

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A peek inside my bag – Beach bag (part 3)

This is the last post in our mini-series “A peek inside my bag”, and what can be more exciting than peeking inside a beach bag?! you can read the first and second part here and here

I know for many of you summer time is almost over, but the weather is finally getting better here and we can start going to the beach! Those of you living in Dubai will relate :))

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