Eid Al-Adha activities

Happy Eid everyone! or like we say it back home !عيد سعيد
Since Eid is a very special occasion for both of us and our families, we decided to share with you some of this year’s celebrations.

1– Malak’s Eid giveaways

I usually go to Eid prayer with my small family, and for the past 2 years I started taking some sweets with me for the kids who show up early in the morning for the prayer.

This year, I decided to prepare a tray filled with sweet bags for the kids at the mosque, and some Eid gifts or giveaways for my kids and their friends later on during the day.

I went to Al-Barsha Co-op with Yasmine, bought a ton of sweets! Then off to Daiso, where I got small plastic bags, cardboards, and found small gifts for the kids. A flashlight for the boys and a small polka dot clipboard with a notebook for the girls.

Photo 1

Once home, I emptied all the sweets in the small bags, tied them closed, and placed them in a cardboard box that I lined with some red tissue paper. I also made a small “Eid Said” banner that I glued to the box at the front.

photo 2

I used the same sweets filled bags for the Eid giveaways, but for these ones I stapled the small gifts at the back of the bags, and I actually liked how they looked! I hope the kids will enjoy them as well, I’m planning on giving them the gifts the first day after lunch with our friends.

Photo 3

Another cool idea that I liked on Pinterest, was filling small bags with marshmallow and sticking a sheep head to the bag. But since this one would be for the younger kids, I’m planning on making few bags and adding them to the tray I am taking to the Mosque.

Yasmine drew the sheep heads, I glued it to a piece of cardboard, cut it to shape, stuck some googly eyes for some dramatic effect (Haha) and then attached the whole thing to a bag filled with small white marshmallows.

It is really simple to make, and if you like it you can use the same printable here to prepare your own giveaways.

photo 4

2- Yasmine’s Eid crafts and puzzle

Since I usually buy my daughters toys for Eid, and the eldest has already decided what she wanted this Eid (another Frozen something), I thought of creating this simple coloring sheet for her to color (my younger daughter is still too young for all this). The truth is I didn’t expect such enthusiasm! she colored it carefully (she rarely finishes any coloring sheets, I usually get “Mommy, my hands are tired” mid-coloring!) , then we made small balls of tissue paper and, finally I helped her glue them on the sheep ( I used to do this back in school) and Voila! I loved how she enjoyed it, and I hope your kids enjoy it too. You can download the coloring sheet here and print it.

photo 5

If your kids don’t enjoy coloring! My good friend and neighbor, Sara Yousri , drew this lovely Eid themed picture (Thank you S., you know yourself!), which I turned into a jigsaw puzzle, just click on the picture below and put it back together! Tell us what is your best score time!

16 piecepreviewEid ppuzzle

We would love to hear about your Eid celebrations and activities, so share them with us! Have a lovely Eid everyone, wishing you, your families, and your loved ones all the happiness.

عيد سعيد

Malak & Yasmine

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