Plastic drawers to the rescue

My husband (like most men) comes home from work with a ton of stuff, keys, papers, sunglasses, wallet and many other things that he leaves all around the house.  He knows where he puts his stuff (which is everywhere!), the problem is he doesn’t put them in the right place, and that is why he is always making a big fuss in the morning when he can’t find the tiny scrap of paper with the very important phone number.

Let me give you a clearer image, for years now, every morning at work my phone rings for the same reason every time!  It’s my husband asking me where is the white business card he left on the dining table yesterday ? or the USB stick he left in the kitchen? or his sunglasses that he left in the bathroom!?!

And that was why we had to find a solution, finally we decided that we need to dedicate a specific place for all his stuff. So when he starts asking for his belongings he left everywhere, he would know exactly where to look for them!

He agreed on using the entryway (but that is another post) and the upper shelf in his closet, great! He started using it, putting all his stuff there, and things started to pile up slowly. I tried to buy boxes and trays but nothing really succeeded in containing the mess.


So I had to find a solution, some sort of system, that would be easy for him to use and in the same time keep his things organized.
After his permission of course to touch this shelf, I emptied everything on the floor and started sorting out the clutter into categories.

I bought 2 sets of medium size plastic drawers (4 drawers each set) from Homes R us. I made sure the drawers are transparent so he can see through and started dividing his belongings in each drawer. I labeled each drawer with the category inside to help him keep them organized.
I also added a plastic paper tray on top each set of drawers that I already had from Daiso.
As the drawers are not big enough I had the more bulky stuff in 2 bins that I had bought from Ikea several years ago.

Finally the before and after which he really liked and is very satisfied with.

Before and after

Plastic drawers are very useful in organizing anyone’s clutter, you can use them around the house, especially when you don’t need a big storage space.

So how do you use plastic drawers at home? Share with us your ideas. We would love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend


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