A peek inside my bag – (Part 1)

(this post is a first of a mini-series posts about organizing different bags)

How many times did you reach inside your bag trying to find your keys? your phone? or any other random but-very-important-at-the-moment thing and cannot find it? So you just keep looking and finding everything else except for that elusive one!

How many times did you want to change bags before going out, then deciding against it so you don’t go through moving all your bag contents from one bag to another.

I was going through all this and more for the longest time, with many trials to find a way to keep my bag organized, I tried the bag organizers, I tried to buy bags with many compartments and assigning each to some stuff which I found very difficult to maintain or to even remember! Finally I found a system that suits me and is simple enough to maintain, and that is why I am sharing it with you.

On any normal day, you would find all these things in my bag.


1- Parent pass at my daughter’s school, business cards, extra photos for me and my 2 girls, loyalty cards (2 sets)

2- Notebooks, pens, pencils, post its

3- Wallet (money, credit cars, and medical insurance cards), coins

4- Sunglasses

5- Receipts, vouchers and coupons, grocery shops loyalty cards

6- Car keys, house keys

7- Toiletries, feminine products, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, mirror, extra pins for my hijab

8- Phone and ear buds

So if I just put everything inside my bag I won’t be able to find any of them if I tried to, and that is why I group them into sort of categories, and each category goes in a pouch. You can see what I mean in this photo.


So all the toiletries go in the mint with black and white stripes pouch, the school pass, keys, ear buds in the silver pouch, stationary in the pink pouch, and finally all receipts, vouchers, and loyalty cards in the clear zip file.

One tip I would like to share with you that I found very useful, is what I did with all those loyalty cards. Usually I used to keep them in my wallet, but because they were too many, I divided them into 3 groups, one for all the playing areas loyalty cards,  another for all other shops, and the third for grocery stores cards (Carrefour, Union CO-OP). Using a puncher, I punch a whole in the corner of each card (making sure it is away from the black swiping part or the bar code) then I put each group in one carabiner (D-shaped ring) that I bought at Daiso, this method makes it easier and faster for me to find the card I’m looking for, plus if I’m going somewhere I wont be using any of these cards, then there is no reason to carry them with me.

loyalty cards

And this is how I keep track of my bag content, and how I keep it organized.

bag view

It is super easy, low maintenance, and allows me to change bags in less than 5 minutes! And If I am taking a smaller bag, or going for a quick trip to the supermarket, I just grab the wallet, keys and loyalty cards and I am good to go!

final Collage

So how about your bag? Is it organized? how can you keep it that way? Please share with us your tips and tricks, we would love to hear from you.

Have a lovely week,


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