Organizing under kitchen sink

What exciting place to start our blog posts with than a kitchen cabinet? Like most of us, I keep arranging, re-arranging, and re-assigning kitchen cabinets to different utensils and contents. One month you will find all my pots and pans in the cabinet next to the cooker, the next month you will find them happily organized in the cabinet above my working station, and it is all really a matter of trying to come up with a consistent reliable system that would save time and effort while cleaning and putting things away after using them.(Anyway more on this in a separate future post about how I made my limited kitchen spaces work for me).

The only area of my kitchen assigned to the same content no matter how many times I keep changing order is “under the sink”, this cabinet usually holds everything related to kitchen appliances cleaning, dish washing, as well as bags, lots of them.

So, last week, after i came home from holidays back in Egypt, I opened under the sink to find this!


Oh the horror! I had no idea how this place ended up looking like that! or when did all these things find their way here? so of course, the OCD I am, I could not wait, I left whatever I was doing and started taking every single item out.

Let me just tell you this, all professional organizers, and all organization blogs, will tell you when organizing any wardrobe/cabinet/drawer/room basically any space you have to start by taking everything out. You then sort them into 3 piles: keep, throw, and donate/sell, well I sort them into 4 piles: keep here , keep in another place (another cabinet, or room), throw, and donate.

unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed with what I saw I forgot to take a photo during the sorting process, but you can see below how I managed for this space to look like after almost 2 hours.


As you can see, with the help of some hooks, and a simple rack I could restore sanity to the overflowing cabinet, which is basically now home for the following:

  • dish rags and tea towels
  • cooker, fridge, and microwave specific detergents
  • dish-washing sponges, brushes, and stainless steel soap
  • garbage bags (small and big sizes), plastic bags from grocery shopping, as well as big shopping bags
  • Pesticides

I got the hooks from Daiso, the rack from Tchibo, the plastic bag holder from Ikea, and the baskets I already had and if I remember correctly I got them from Geant almost 1 year ago.

Finally, a before and after, to satisfy my organizational ego!

before & after

So what about your under the sink space? Is it organized? What do you usually store there? Let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Have a lovely week!


6 thoughts on “Organizing under kitchen sink

  1. Nice. I love how nice the “after” picture looks. Very organized and very neat and tidy. I have OCD too. Yesterday I actually blogged about organizing under the sink in my kitchen and sink areas. It’s refreshing to look under there and not see a cluttered mess.

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  2. to7faaaa ya yasso welldone and very organized akid .. Hope to do mine one day 🙂 but mine has all my pans coz i dont have any other spaces lel asaf


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