A peek inside my bag : Diaper bag edition – (Part 2)

Today we take a peek inside another bag, the Diaper bag! We started this mini-series by a post about organizing your  purse, you can read all about it here.

Organizing a diaper bag is not difficult, what is really difficult is to leave home with everything your baby needs inside this bag.  It took me a while to create a system when preparing my baby to go out, now with my second daughter (who is not really a baby anymore, she is turning 2 very soon), I can be out the door in less than 30 minutes! A record please!

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Plastic drawers to the rescue

My husband (like most men) comes home from work with a ton of stuff, keys, papers, sunglasses, wallet and many other things that he leaves all around the house.  He knows where he puts his stuff (which is everywhere!), the problem is he doesn’t put them in the right place, and that is why he is always making a big fuss in the morning when he can’t find the tiny scrap of paper with the very important phone number. Continue reading

A peek inside my bag – (Part 1)

(this post is a first of a mini-series posts about organizing different bags)

How many times did you reach inside your bag trying to find your keys? your phone? or any other random but-very-important-at-the-moment thing and cannot find it? So you just keep looking and finding everything else except for that elusive one!

How many times did you want to change bags before going out, then deciding against it so you don’t go through moving all your bag contents from one bag to another. Continue reading

Organizing cords and chargers

Last year, every time I said goodbye to my husband when he was going away on a business trip, I used to get the same dreading feeling deep down inside, “I will be struggling the next few days till he is back”… and do you know why? because I wont be able to charge my gadgets..or at least one of them! Don’t get me wrong, I miss him and all, but what used to happen was very frustrating! Continue reading

Organizing under kitchen sink

What exciting place to start our blog posts with than a kitchen cabinet? Like most of us, I keep arranging, re-arranging, and re-assigning kitchen cabinets to different utensils and contents. One month you will find all my pots and pans in the cabinet next to the cooker, the next month you will find them happily organized in the cabinet above my working station, and it is all really a matter of trying to come up with a consistent reliable system that would save time and effort while cleaning and putting things away after using them.(Anyway more on this in a separate future post about how I made my limited kitchen spaces work for me). Continue reading