100 tips in 100 weeks!

Royal Tip #1:

Keep all instructions manuals, and warranties for furniture, appliances, and gadgets in a binder with clear sleeves. This way you won’t waste time looking for them when something needs to be fixed, or you know where to find them when you are moving houses.


Royal Tip #2:

Avoid the frustration of searching for your remote controls everywhere by assigning a specific place, box, or drawer for them. Share the new “remote controls home” with all your family members, make it a rule to return them to their place when not in use. This way, you will know where to look for your remote controls, and you won’t get asked :” Where is the remote control?” all the time.



Royal Tip #3:

Keep extra toilet paper rolls in a visible place in your guest bathroom.Baskets are always a good idea, it will serve as an accessory and your guests won’t panick if they run out of toilet paper.

final tip3


Royal Tip #4:

Maximize your closet limited space by using slim hangers of the same size, huggable velvet hangers are a great choice. You will be amazed by how much space you saved just by changing your hangers. It also gives a more organized look to your closet.

final tip#4


Royal Tip #5:

Save space in your kitchen drawers by storing your daily used utensils in a holder on your working top. If you can’t find one that you like, you can use jugs, jars, tins, or flower pots which make very pretty utensils holders.


Royal Tip #6:

Don’t throw away plastic grocery bags, instead fold them into neat little triangles or squares so they would take very little space. Then stack them in a basket or box in your kitchen, and re-use them as garbage bags for small trash bins around the house.

final collage 6


Royal Tip #7:

Keep your coffee mugs on dispaly using a mug stand. It will save a lot of shelf space mugs can take when kept in a cabinet, and it wont take much counter space as well.

final collage


Royal Tip #8:

If you always buy the same cake / pancake mix, empty it from the original package into a clear container. Cut cooking / baking instructions and stick it to this conatiner, so you don’t have to guess or look it up online everytime you want to use it.

Final collage


Royal Tip #9:

Organize kids plates, cups, and cutery in a drawer/ cabinet at their reach. This way they won’t ask for your help everytime they need to drink some water or have a snack, and at the same time it will build a sense of independense in them at very young age.

tip#9 collage


Royal Tip #10:

Keep a catch-all basket in your living room where you can collect all the clutter and things that don’t belong to the living room throughout the day. At the end of the day just carry the filled basket around the house and return each thing to the right place. This will help you keep your living room tidy, and guest-ready at all times.

Final photo


Royal Tip #11:

While decluttering store your summer/winter clothes, covers or duvets in vacuum storage bags. This will minimize their sizes when stored, keep them clean,  and save you tons of space which will allow you to be more organized.

Final photo 11


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